Knits Knots is formed!!​

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Where and How it began....

I have to say, if someone had asked me if I would be owning a retail store long ago- my answer would have been "NO WAY". Fast forward to now, April 2017. I had this vision of opening a kids resale shop while working at another resale shop.  After debating much, I talked it out with several people...including my husband who said I should have done this years ago. We have 3 kids, so I know first hand how expensive the little clothes can be. Not to mention how quickly they grow out of them.  I sat down one day, and just starting jotting things down... places to rent, website pages, pinterest ideas, the list goes on.  I made the decision, talked to a few more people, and put all my ducks in a row. Trying to be optimistic that this will be a wonderful thing, its a lot of work.  I'm ready for it, and while I realize that there are many things to still be figured out, I'm ready to start this NEW adventure. Please stop in, check us out, buy some things, sell some things. And always remember to smile, cause it takes more muscles to frown.